A Talented NYC Sushi Chef Emerges

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Look, I’ll be honest, when I learned that the chef was a gringo, I had my doubts.  I mean, what the heck could he possibly know about Japanese technique, in terms of, well, anything? But, a Talented NYC Sushi Chef Emerges.

“Although our appetizers were tasty – lightly-fried eggplant marinated with dashi, deep fried soft shell shrimp, lightly-blanched greens and mushrooms in a light soy dashi broth – it wasn’t until I sampled the sushi that I realized just how incredibly talented the Chef was.”

A Talented NYC Sushi Chef Emerges

Chef David Bouhadana had 10 years of training, and spent years in Japan.

“Not a single piece of fish in our sushi assortment tasted more than a handful of hours’ old.  Each pristine slice was delicately painted with salty soy sauce and freshly-grated wasabi.  The sticky rice, perfectly-cooked and served just above room temperature, evoked a subtle hint of vinegar.”

The Lunch Belle had a favorite though, “fatty tuna with scallions roll.  Never in my entire life have I tasted minced tuna that was more buttery or fresh.  This roll, quite literally, took my breath away.  In fact, I just may have to return this weekend for another fix.  Heck, Sushi Dojo could become part of my weekly repertoire!

Read the full review with photos here.

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