Adventures in Sushi Land

Sushi Dojo reviewed

Adventures in Sushi land took Splice of Sparkle to Sushi  Dojo NYC where she was expecting to find the typical menu fare (a la California rolls), but to her (pleasant) surprise, the restaurant didn’t serve any of that. Instead, they offered up traditional, unexpected entrees.

She was forced out of her comfort zone, something many reviewers of Sushi Dojo have experienced. She tried 5 different entrees, including a refreshing appetizer of Sunomono, consisting of tuna, sliced apple and a vinegar sauce.

Next was Octopus ceviche, consisting of crab, octopus, cucumber and jicama, with a dill-like sauce, which she said made this plate really stand out.

“Absolutely delicious” was her description of Asari Sakamushi — grilled clams with a sake sauce.

One of her favorite dishes of the night was the Kimpaira Gobo, which consisted of Burdock root, sauteed with sesame oil, which she notes reminded her of the Asian Salad her mom used to make.

Dojo, which means a place of learning she felt was very fitting in the name Sushi Dodo. “We were seated with chef Mokoto who taught us about several new dishes we had never tried before, explaining the background behind each and why he chose various ingredients.

Of her experience, she simply states “I’ll be back soon!”

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