Amazing Sushi NYC at Sushi Dojo NYC says chopstickcritiques

Chopstick Critiques review

“Amazing” says Chopstick Critiques of Sushi Dojo NYC . Yup, to sum up everything in a nutshell that is the one and ONLY word I can use to describe this restaurant. In fact I am very tempted to just end this post with that one word, but I am pretty sure you guys want to know a wee bit more about this restaurant so let’s start from the beginning…

The Burdock Root was referred to as delicious: “It had a light and refreshing taste with just a pinch of sesame that gave it a perfect balance between fresh and zesty.” And a a great sushi for vegetarians option they said was the Nasu Nibitashi.

The “Dojo Omakase is $80 per person and it cannot be shared but it is sooo worth every penny,” they said.

Everything at Sushi Dojo is overnight-ed from Hawaii everyday. Chef Bouhadana is committed to ensuring freshness and a great presentation. Fresh Wasabi is also used, which is a rarity at a lot of Japanese restaurants.

” Overall my experience at Sushi Dojo was a memorable one. I must admit the sushi and sashimi there is the best I have ever had.”

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