Best Asian NYC Restaurants

Sushi Dojo is one of best Asian NYC restaurants according to The Epoch Times.  And you can vote to determine just how good we are (keep reading). In coordination with the forthcoming Taste Asia 2015 Food Festival, they have selected the authentic Japanese restaurant Sushi Dojo in the categories of Best Asian NYC Restaurant; Best Sushi NYC; and, Best Tempura NYC — during their nomination period between May 1 and May 25.

Best Asian NYC Restaurants

Beginning June 1  until June 20th consumers can weight in with their votes — that’s right, YOU can vote for us; click Best asian restaurant 2015 nycon Best Japanese NYC restaurants.

The winners for best Japanese restaurant nyc categories will be announced in Times Square — during Taste Asia 2015, the Asian Food Festival .

The festival, titled “Taste Asia 2015” kicks off June 1st – 20th with the Best Asian NYC Restaurant contest. As the largest Asian food festival in North America, it is also the only live-cooking event hosted in Times Square. The food festival itself is on June 26th and the 27th; the first day features cultural performances, as well as Asian-inspired cooking. June 27th commences with the 7th International Chinese Culinary Competition grand finals. June 28th move to the James Beard House for two Taste Asia banquets.


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