Sushi Dojo NYC Ranks # 3 by Eater

Chef Davvid Bouhadana NYC

Sushi Dojo NYC Ranks # 3 by Eater in a recent article they posted entitled “New York City’s 12 Hottest Sushi Restaurants.”


In the article published on July 28, 2015 they note that finding a sushi spot in New York City is easy, “but not all rolls are created equal. ” So what are the best sushi restaurants nyc 2015?

They compiled their list according to quality and price, but assure their readers that “all of them serve terrific sushi.

Sushi Dojo NYC, which we think is the best sushi restaurant in NYC, they ranked number 3: they liked the combination of Sushi Dojo’s quality and pricing.  They noted that “Bouhadana’s 15-piece omakase dinner costs $85.” For any true sushi lover, you will know what a good deal this is.

Moreover, Chef Bouhadana also introduces his customers to a new world of sushi, whether explaining to them why the courses are several in their particular order; why they are garnished the way they art, and; where the fish come from, what is fresh and in season.  He’ll often introduce customers to fish they’ve never before even heard of.

Dojo does mean a place of learning after all, and Chef Bouhadana is one of NYC’s top sushi chefs. He is so passionate about his love of sushi he makes sushi fun, interesting, and educational. For those interested in learning, and to occasionally throw back a sake with the Chef, you’ll want to reserve your seat at the sushi bar, as opposed to a table.