Food Republic Notes Third Venue for Sushi Dojo Team

Dojo Izakaya

In a November 2014 article Food Republic notes the meteoric rise of Sushi Dojo stating that “It’s been exactly a year since we sang the praises of a relatively new, mostly unknown, fully unassuming Japanese restaurant called Sushi Dojo in the East Village.”

Food Republic ReviewsThey also had kind words for Chef David Bouhadana: “Over the past year, Sushi Dojo has received a sparkling New York Times review and chef David Bouhadana has been anointed with one award after another, culminating with a spot on Zagat’s 30 Under 30 list.

The Food Republic article also points out that “The combination of an energetic chef, an affordable omakase and a lively, sake-slinging atmosphere has catapulted Dojo into the conversation for the city’s best sushi.”

Dojo Izakaya opened not long after Bouhadana and partner launched a grab n go sushi bar in the meatpacking district on the west side called Sushi Dojo Express. Food Republic notes that “… this venue marks the team’s third city opening in just over a year. Talk about building a name for yourself.”

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