How Does a White Boy Out Sushi The Masters?

top sushi bar nyc

Good question.  The Eater did an article on Sushi Dojo where they focused in on our top chef and co-owner David Bouhadana. He has been confusing the entire industry since the grand opening of Sushi Dojo in the summer of 2013.

The restaurant and sushi bar has been attracting a steady flow of great press, been named to the “top” and “best of” lists — like the top 35 sushi bars in America, and top sushi bar New York, and David was named as one of the “30 under 30” in ZAGAT.

In the EATER article they refer to David as funny, talkative — educating customers –, he is also humble and yet very serious about his craft. During an in-depth article about his initial sushi stumble experience, his life in Japan, his passion for the art of sushi and Japanese culture, he explains that “I fell in love with sushi for discipline and the instant gratification of my master, and the approval of doing something good.”

EATER goes on to talk about his choice of fish, his presentations, and knowledge.  They delve into Japanese culture, what is means to be a “master,” and the road to being accepting for teaching by a master. It has certainly been a winding road for a white kid from Florida.

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