Munching on Conventional Japanese Cuisine at SUSHI DOJO

Sushi Dojo reviewed

Munching on Conventional Japanese Cuisine @ SUSHI DOJO BJ Coleman came in for dinner and to write a review for Burgers and Bourbon, a foodie blog. And were delighted at what they had to say.

“The Buta Kakuni was like butter.  Three sweet and tender slices of braised pork belly were more like gifts from heaven as they melted on the tongue.  Marinated in a finger-licking Asian sauce, the hot appetizer is a MUST try at Sushi Dojo.”

Japanese Cuisine NYC

Though they noted that the portions were small, “like everything else the sushi was delicious.”

BJ says he could not get enough of the vegetable tempura, that came with “an amazing wasabi salt.” It was said that “the quaint environment and the customary take on presentation and menu items at Sushi Dojo was thoroughly enjoyable. Sushi Dojo makes dining on authentic Japanese cuisine pretty easy!

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