New Sushi Haven in the East Village

The new sushi haven in the east village is Sushi Dojo NYC according to Brooklyn Bites.

“If you are a purist sushi lover, I highly recommend it. It’s not the kind of place you go if your sushi of choice is say, doused in spicy mayo or called something like the “New York Spectacular Roll”. This place is legit. Pure. No wasabi. No soy. Just clean, fresh, delicious fish. You gotta love fish, and you have to be able to appreciate the simplicity of it.”

The reviewer liked the sushi more than anything else; wasn’t a huge fan of the tempura battered Grilled Shisito Peppers, Nasu Nibitashi lightly fried eggplant marinated with dashi, or the Ohitashi which is a mixture of mushrooms and spinach. At this point he was wondering “what is all the fuss about?”

New Sushi Haven in the East Village

Sushi Dojo NYC Omak2

Then he got to the 10 piece Omakase Sushi Deluxe, which he says “at $45 is a huge bargain.” The 10 beautifully selected pieces of unadorned, clean and embellished fish he felt were led in favorites by the Tasmanian Trout, and Fatty Tuna. The review notes that “each delectable morsel slid down my throat with not an ounce of fishiness and even my companion, not a huge raw fish guy at all, thoroughly enjoyed his meal.”

They said that they didn’t leave stuffed, but it was sufficient. They complimented the waitstaff and the venue as “friendly relaxed vibe”. And although they wouldn’t call it cheap, they said that “Dojo definitely offers good value for the quality of fish you are being served.”

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