Not Your Typical Seaweed Salad

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When Genevieve of City Lights came to Sushi Dojo to write a review, she was shocked by the multiple colors, noting that this was not your typical seaweed salad.

She was explained that the typical seaweed salad that is served at most restaurants is not seaweed at all, but actually a type of sea cabbage. Sushi Dojo’s seaweed salad contains five different varieties of seawood, hence the bright and vibrant colors and mixed textures. The flavors were similar to that of “regular” seaweed salad, but not as sweet and tasted much more complex and refined.

Seaweed SaladAccording to Genevieve she strongly suggests getting a seat at the sushi bar, especially if you are getting a a Chef’s Choice or Omakase.

She noted that the quality of the product is clear from the start, and that is what made her night so memorable.