Sushi DoJo Mentioned in Grub Street

Sushi Dojo has been serving customers on First Ave. in the East Village of New York City since 2013. And yes, the pandemic affected us too. But, we adapt and move on.

In a recent article in Grub Street, Adam Platt stumbled onto the outdoor Sushi bar at Sushi Dojo by accident.  Yet it seems he was happy he did, or else I suspect he wouldn’t have written about us.

There are bowls of Wagyu fried rice on the menu and gently sizzled soft-shell crabs for $10 apiece, although if you happen to have a little cash in your pocket (or a recently reopened expense account), I recommend one of the three omakase options, which arrive several pieces at a time.  

Sushi DoJo Mentioned in Grub Street

If you didn’t already know, we have constructed two seating areas out in front of the restaurant. One is akin to a sushi bar, while the other has tables and chairs.

And most recently we’ve also added a cover and lighting