Sushi Dojo NYC an Amazing Experience

Sushi dojo nyc east village

Sushi Dojo NYC an Amazing Experience says The Skinny Pig, in their food and drinks review. If you’re looking for California Rolls, this is NOT the place for you.

They note that the “The small, L-shaped dining area is just big enough to be comfortable, but cozy enough to be intimate,” and that “the Omakase is a steal at $45.”

Sushi Dojo sushi chef David Bouhadana will serve salmon if you ask for it, but doesn’t offer it because isn’t very prevalent in Japan. But have you ever tried Tasmanian Trout? “it’s a less fatty version of salmon, and delicious.”

Sushi Dojo NYC an Amazing Experience says The Skinny Pig

Chef Bouhadana presented the four cuts of tuna, side by side, and you could see and taste the differences. Chef Bouhadana is a sushi connoisseur and really loves to educate his customers. he studied for years with sushi master in Japan while living there, and is a fan of the food and culture.

The reviewer was not a fan of Uni, and generally says he of the type that likes California Rolls. However, he says, “if you like really awesome, simple, fresh fish served to you by a very passionate chef, then come on in! You won’t regret it.”

You can read the full review with photos here.