Sushi Dojo NYC has found its Mojo

review by sisterhood

Sushi Dojo has found its Mojo says the Sisterhood. They note that they love to find new and interesting places, and that Sushi Dojo NYC is something different.

They note that about half way through their amazing tasting journey at Sushi Dojo NYC, they knew they stumbled unto something different. “it took me until the morning to really understand how to articulate it.”

She said it was the first time she really trusted a sushi chef enough to try things outside her comfort zone: “dude is 27 years old and BRINGS it!”

Chef David Bouhadana “is charming and approachable and easy to trust; he explains different things about the dishes and gives insight into how to best appreciate the food. It was a wild ride and we had the best time, and it was a bit more insightful than blindly trusting a seasoned sushi chef who is too busy to engage with you.”

Sushi Dojo NYC has found its Mojo

She was one of the first reviewers to mention Max, “Cute and intelligent Max, the sake sommelier, who had my heart when he referred to my refill as a “re-up”. He knows a lot about his job will spend time with customers who want to know more about sake, and he also provides tastes before its time to commit to a bottle (or carafe, or, um, both).”

She explains that the sake sommelier is not a kitchsy thing, it is a real service that allows diners to get informed about this spirit and expand their boundaries.

Expanding her boundaries, she dove into Live Clam, Scallop muscle, quickly steamed octopus, Giant Oyster, Santa Barbara and Japanese Uni, and Copper River salmon vs white salmon.

There were “some gorgeous sashimi and straight-forward sushi (Anago to die for!). The pictures will speak volumes as well…I know the Pants are partial to nights at a Sushi Bar, but Sushi Dojo is a real learning experience that even seasoned sushi eaters should have.

You can read the full review with photos here.