Sushi Dojo NYC – One Piece of Beauty at a Time

Sushi Dojo reviewed

Sushi Dojo NYC – One Piece of Beauty at a Time, is the title of the review by Food Festivities, where they say “expect some of the finest sushi in the city to bless your taste-buds, one melt-in-your-mouth piece after another.”

Review at Sushi Dojo NYC They note that while  you’ll find a 20+ entrees and appetizers on the menu at Sushi Dojo, the suggestion is to go with the sushi tasting –7 pieces of the chef’s choice or 10 pieces of the chef’s “most valuable” choice. But they note that either way you won’t go wrong.

“The fish is superb and extraordinarily fresh.”

With more than 30 kinds of fish available on a daily basis, the combinations are endless they say.

We’d like to thank John DeMartino III and Food Festivities — whose motto is “because the last thing New Yorker’s want is B#llsh*t” and pleased that they enjoyed themselves and expressed that in their review.

You can read their review on Food Festivities here.