The Greatest Sushi Compliment

Eater NYC

The greatest sushi compliment is a happy customer. A great review or two isn’t bad either and we’ve gotten plenty. One critic quoting another on your behalf is also pretty nice. And that’s what just happened at Sushi Dojo NYC.

We’ve been blessed by great patrons that have embraced our philosophy since our grand opening in June 2013. The critics have liked us too. They like what we do, and how we do it.  The leading food and restaurant newspapers and magazines have been strong allies because they get it, they understand our mission: prepare and serve great traditional Japanese cuisine, while engaging and educating patrons about it. And at Sushi Dojo NYC, we have a fun vibe too.

It’s all been thrilling for us that we’ve been received so well.  The reviews received thus far have been great! 

Eater, who in the early summer ranked Sushi Dojo NYC #4 on the 10 best new restaurant openings, recently wrote another review. It was interesting because they quoted the NY Times article ” Restaurant Review: Sushi Dojo in the East Village and Kurumazushi in Midtown.” In the article Pete Wells of The NY Times portrayed Sushi Dojo NYC as not only a great value, but fun too! and Eater quoted a passage from that article:

“The soul of this party is sushi worth getting crazy for, made by three chefs with a strong traditional bent: Hiromi Suzuki, Makoto Yoshizawa and David Bouhadana….One night I asked Ms. Suzuki for $75 worth of sashimi and sushi, dealer’s choice. Sashimi came first: entwined bands of unshy, oily horse mackerelunder a stubble of chives; firm white squares of local striped bass; shiny sunset-pink Arctic char jolted with lemon; bonito seared by a pass of the blowtorch; a slippery-soft tongue of raw spotted prawn next to its armored head.”

Customers who come to Sushi Dojo NYC know that WE LOVE SUSHI done right, and it’s our mission to not only feed patrons with traditionally-prepared quality Japanese cuisine, but also to educate them on the art of sushi as well. Sit at the sushi bar and talk with our chefs to learn about sushi preparation, what is in season when, and they might even share a sake with you from time to time.

So we’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all our supporters, and to any newcomers, welcome!