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Press reviews from a variety of magazines and critics are listed below, some considering Sushi Dojo one of the best Asian restaurants in NYC, though it is only a select sample, and does not include all the great reviews we’ve received.

Faske Good ReviewsSushi Dojo is” a place you remember…” Faske says. He was driven to Sushi DoJo because of the great write-up he read in the Post (below).After his experience he noted that “It’ll certainly be hard to return to the world of salmon-avocado rolls and spicy tuna after dining at Sushi Dojo.” Read the full Faske Foods review >>

Village Voice Sushi reviewSushi Dojo wins Best Sushi 2014: “He honed his skills under serious Japanese masters, and he’s now putting the lessons to work in the East Village, where he turns out a board of fish that’s well-rounded, exciting, and original — and ever-changing, as different seafood comes in and out of season.” View here >>


Daily meal reviews Sushi Dojo included in Top Sushi Restaurants in America. “After a couple questions about your preferences he’ll get to work, and then the ride begins: it varies depending on what’s been freshly flown in from Japan that day, but a sample omakase might include sashimi of amberjack (kanpachi), Arctic char, striped bass, Boston wild bluefin tuna, chopped marinated horse mackerel, octopus that’s so fresh it moves when you poke it, and a large saltwater clam known as pen shell. ” See full review here >>


ZAGAT sushi review NYCSushi Dojo is “like nowhere else in the city right now,” enthuses Kelly Dobkin, the senior editor at Zagat, which just named Bouhadana one of its “30 Under 30” for New York. Read the story here >>


Top 7 NYC Sushi Spots

Sushi Dojo makes the top 7 Best Sushi restaurants in NYC on Thrillist, where they say “What you’re getting: A fish you’ve never tried before.” See posting here >>



Eater NYC“There’s no reason for a 28-year-old white kid of French-Moroccan descent from South Florida to be slicing better umami-rich fish than some of the city’s longtime sushi masters. But that’s exactly what’s happening behind Dojo’s 12-seat bar on a Tuesday through Saturday night basis.” Read full review >>


NY Post


“[It’s the] instant gratification,” he says. “Just watching someone say ‘Thank you’ and ‘This is so good’.” — David Bouhadana in his interview with Haily Eber of the New York Post. Read her full article entitled “What’s a nice Jewish boy doing in an East Village sushi restaurant?”


Review of Sushi Dojo NYC

“Of all the sushi restaurants in New York City, Sushi Dojo intrigued me the most…So here’s the thing aboutSushi Dojo…it’s a completely unique sushi experience. Read full review >>


Seafood Business Magazine
Seafood Business Magazine profiles Sushi Chef David Bouhadana of Sushi Dojo NYC saying that “His
unconventional path to sushi puts him in a league of his own when it comes to educating diners.” Read the full article >>




Village Voice Sushi review“At Sushi Dojo, David Bouhadana’s groovy East Village raw-fish temple,” he “Makes Magic with RawFish.” Read the full review >>

NY Times Food Review

“The soul of this party is sushi worth getting crazy for, made by three chefs with a strong traditional bent: Hiromi Suzuki, Makoto Yoshizawa and David Bouhadana. Mr. Bouhadana is the ringleader, and the most exuberant customers seem to gravitate to his end of the counter.”Read the full two page review >>




habadashier Standard “On a unique occasion, we discovered the best sushi restaurant in Manhattan(compare to others we’ve tried so far)Sushi Dojo” At Sushi Dojo, they take pride in fresh ingredients and artistic sushi making skills, all for a well-priced menu. One thing to note is the fresh wasabi made in front of you, that’s an important key to authentic and fresh Japanese sushi bar. Read full review >>


Luxury Review “The attractive restaurant is intimate, small tables and black leather high back chairs line the wood walls, and there is a 14-person counter bar where diners have the opportunity to interact and converse with the sushi chefs. Hip music creates the background vibe.” Read about their great experience >>


NY Times Food Review

“Sushi Dojo is the sort of place where the customary glass of beer that a diner buys for the chef can evolve into a frosty carafe of sake from another customer a few seats away.” Read more here >>



Silver Review Award
“Sushi Dojo in East Village is the formal training place for the real sushi experience 🙂 I visited by
on a weekday and sat at the bar counter as always. There is a huge bar counter and a couple of tables around the bar. I like the way it is set up and I felt that Sushi Dojo was created by sushi lovers.”
Read the full review >>



Food Republic review sushi nyc


“Sushi Dojo is a long-awaited answer to those searching for a generally affordable, top-notch sushi experience in New York City.”
Read Full Review >>


“Sushi Dojo’s Chef David Bouhadana Does Sushi With a Convert’s Zeal” –Village Voice Sushi review
Read Full Review >


ZAGAT sushi review NYC

“Best Thing We Ate This Weekend: Tempura Tower at Sushi Dojo”
Read Full Review >


Eat Big Apple sushi review

“The Culmination of Dedication and Passion”
Read Full Review >


eyechow sushi
“I couldn’t help but exclaim, “Pretty!” All the dishes used were gorgeous and the presentation was beautiful without being overdone”
Read Full Review >


The Villager sushi review

“Student has become the master at East Village’s new Sushi Dojo”
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NYC Foodie Sushi review

“Masa, Yasuda, Soto, Hideo, Toshihiro, Suzuki.These are the names of some of the best sushi chefs that have graced NYC. And now we must add one more name: David. That’s right, as in David Bouhadana, the young chef who grew up in Florida, who is at the helm of the just opened East Village sushi joint, Sushi Dojo.Read Full Review >

Sushi Dojo NYC review “Chef Dave and Sushi Dojo are both one-of-a-kind… Reservations are highly recommended – especially if you want to sit at the bar, and trust me, you do.”
Read the full review >


Cheap Eats review of Sushi Dojo NYC4 words…….”Heaven on a plate.” OUTSTANDING!!! Girls night out was a success. But the cherry sundae was Patricia Field (Sex & The City stylist) and her Fashionista friends were sitting at the table next to us. Dinner and a movie….PRICELESS.
Read Full Review >

Village Voice Sushi reviewSushi Dojo’s Omakase, One of Our 100 Favorite Dishes.” Chef David “is using the lessons he learned making sushi under some serious Japanese masters to turn out a board of fish that’s well-rounded, exciting, and original.”
Red More >>


Ranked the #4 Hottest new restaurant opening in NYC , “Bouhadana is serving a $45 10-course omakase that’s already attracting some buzz from the sushi snobs.”Eater NYC Read more >>


Manhattan Digest sushi“Stop fussing over which sushi place to go to and take the subway down to The East Village and try out Sushi Dojo for yourself.”
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Harlem Food Local “In a decidedly westernized sushi restaurant landscape Sushi Dojo stands out as a truly unique education into contemporary Japanese food culture.
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Food Arts“Bouhadana’s demeanor permeates Sushi Dojo, from the waitstaff’s seamless service, to the warm and calming restaurant décor, and the very precise food presentation.” Read Full Review


Village Voice Sushi review

Ranked #9 among top Sushi restaurants of NYC.” Fish selection is tailored to individual tastes, and a meal spent at the chef’s side yields delightful surprises, one of which is Bouhadana’s ability to share his knowledge with both passion and patience.” Read Full Review

Chekmark eats logo “Sushi Dojo is absolutely lovely. It’s the most inviting sushi place with this type of high quality fish andcreations. It’s small, unpretentious, and the sushi bar greets you right upon entrance.” Read Full Review

Chinese newspaper World Journal Review featured Sushi Dojo — CLICK HERE to VIEW.

ZAGAT sushi review NYCIn In their 7 Deals To Score Before Summer Ends, ZAGAT rates Sushi Dojo of NYC #1, noting “The $45 omakase this East Village Japanese is the deal du jour among raw fish fans, with folks lauding the delicately prepared bitesSee More Here

NY Journal” Sushi Dojo, which opened in the East Village in early June and was an instant hit. The chef getting all the press is an unlikely one: 27-year-old David Bouhadana , a Jewish kid from Florida who trained with Iron Chef Morimoto and apprenticed for four years in Japan.
Read the full review Here


Sushi Dojo review wondrous dishes… Our dinner at Sushi “Sitting at the counter at Sushi Dojo was tranquil and captivating …Our dinner at Sushi Dojo proved to live up to all of the recent hype, and was lighter on the wallet than other sushi counters in its caliber. Read the full review with photos here.



Loren Brill “Sushi Dojo is a new favorite — unpretentious and a very enjoyable experience…I definitely left this mealfeeling perfectly balanced and satisfied — yet light. My kind of meal.” Read Full Review Here


Great Japanese fish

“Everyone loves a new sushi spot, and the current flavor of the week is Sushi Dojo in the East Village.” Read more HERE.

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